Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is a holistic management process utilized to effectively administer security risks - proactively and reactively. 

Newcastle Consulting, LLC collaborates and guides clients on this process by properly identifying and characterizing assets, quantifying threats, determining risk acceptance practices, managing incidents, and advising risk owners in formulating remediation efforts. 

Our goal is to assist clients in establishing effective organizational policies, procedures, best practices, and capabilities to identify and manage security risks to the enterprise in a consistent and efficient manner - thus, enabling the business to maintain profitability and produce better returns on investments made.

Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, & Countermeasures

Newcastle Consulting, LLC concentrates on a systematic, prevention-based methodology that emphasizes risk analysis through a process of understanding, analyzing, and mitigating security risks.  We then advance a realistic, cost-effective solution to either mitigate risk or make recommendations for its acceptance. Success and/or failure in this process solely lies in the distinction between knowledge and conjecture.

We ensure a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis that identifies every threat and hazard to your operation then recommend appropriate countermeasures to manage and mitigate risk for any organizational work process or activity.  Our systematic, prevention-based methodology is rooted in a thorough risk, threat, vulnerability, and impact assessment that allows for the development of a comprehensive security blueprint for your organization. Our goal is to aid in removing inefficiencies while further informing you on whether or not to accept risk based on cultivating a unified security strategy and master plan endorsed through a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment program that is flexible, scalable, and innovative.

Comprehensive Security Blueprint

Proper security begins with an effective master plan.  At Newcastle Consulting, LLC we identify this as a Comprehensive Security Blueprint - aligning the security department's mission, vision, and strategies with the overall organization.

We have identified through best practices and experience that security is more effective when viewing your organization as a whole. Thus, we will advise you in the proper process for developing and implementing a Comprehensive Security Blueprint based upon a thorough risk analysis and assessment.

Our goal is to assist you in generating a detailed roadmap used to achieve short-term and long-term objectives with specific solutions to meet those objectives.

Organizational Resilience / Crisis Management

"Crisis" means different things to different organizations. Managing that set of events whether they be man-made, natural, or even internal or external to an organization, needs to be a unified effort to minimize the impact of those events that may result in a loss of life, earnings, market share or reputation.

Newcastle Consulting, LLC assists organizations, corporations, as well as government entities in building the capabilities to properly establish and create Emergency Plans.  We create plans of action to properly assess a crisis, communicate the crisis situation and deliver the necessary resources to the affected area. 

Critical to this process is our focus and attention to our Organizational Resilience Maturity Model.  Resilience is an organization’s ability to quickly, efficiently, and effectively adjust to a change by implementing adaptive, proactive and reactive strategies. We guide an organization in identifying exactly where they are in the continuum of the model so that they can accurately implement the Organizational Resilience concept and effectively incorporate security risk management practices on a corporate-wide basis.

  • Organizational Resilience Maturity Model

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • COG/COOP Planning

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Recovery Time Objectives

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

  • Integrated Tools & Technology

  • Table-Top Exercises

Integrated Facility Security Design

Today’s corporate security infrastructure is a patchwork. Most organizations maintain multiple, separate physical and IT security systems with no integration among them. This situation has become a growing liability as security concerns and the need to address privacy and regulatory compliance issues grow.

Newcastle Consulting LLC’s Integrated Facility Security Design focuses and bridges gaps between physical, logical, and operational security. Once our experts have an understanding of what security countermeasures are needed to protect client assets, we can then specify and implement the necessary application to match that particular need. 

Our integration process enables client organizational benefits including increased control, improved situational awareness and management reporting as well as cost reduction due to improved process management efficiency.

  • Master Integration Planning and Management

  • Equipment/Systems Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • System Programming; Startup Coordination and Assistance

  • Operations Manuals and Training

  • Asset Protection and Automated Asset Tracking

Nuclear Safeguards & Security Management

In an era of heightened security threats both domestically and abroad, the U.S. Government and commercial nuclear organizations charged with security oversight and compliance programs must expend more time and resources than ever before to ensure that appropriate security protection elements are in place.

Newcastle Consulting, LLC provides commercial and Government nuclear facilities a comprehensive analysis while exhibiting a thorough understanding of Safeguards and Security issues and challenges. This will ensure that all factors involved in implementing and evaluating appropriate protection measures are considered.

We believe that risk management in itself is a best practice in nuclear security. Risk management recognizes that not all variables in nuclear security risk can be addressed in an absolute manner.  

We will assist agencies in establishing a "Design Basis Threat" policy in order to provide a baseline against which all subject to the policy must design systems and implement strategies capable of providing appropriate protection.

Aviation Security Management

Business and General Aviation accounts for three- quarters of U.S. air traffic, from small propeller planes to large jets, operating among nearly 19,000 airports. While most security operations are left to private airport operators, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), provides guidance on threats and vulnerabilities.

Newcastle Consulting, LLC provides a risk-based security approach to aviation authorities and operators on safety and security measures so they can properly assess an airport’s security characteristics, and identify risks, threat, and vulnerabilities to decide which security enhancements would be most appropriate.

We further provide guidance to business and general aviation on security regulatory requirements as stated in 49 CFR Part 1542 as well as certifying corporate Executive Protection Programs to satisfy Internal Revenue Service Rule 1.132-5 regarding security transportation and the use of private aircraft.