• Hyatt French Quarter (map)
  • 800 Iberville St
  • New Orleans, LA, 70112
  • United States

J. Kelly Stewart, Managing Director & CEO of Newcastle Consulting, LLC, will be conducting a 2-day workshop on Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments in New Orleans, Louisiana at The Hyatt French Quarter.

Create added value for your department and organization by learning the effectiveness of a proper risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment. Start with solid denitions and differentiators between risk, threat, and vulnerability and then see how assessments are absolutely essential for organizational resilience.

Certain kinds of people controls can limit damage and must be considered. Review asset-threat/hazard pairs that should receive measures to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce risk. The common practice of not reporting intrusions to law enforcement could make a difference to your risk assessment team and needs to be considered. Learn about acceptable business risk thresholds and the metrics you can use to describe them.

Meeting corporate objectives is an essential part of any discussion as well as what the CSO can do to prepare a solid business case and address cost and operational optimization and sustainability using the risk assessment methodology. 


  • Learn how to develop an effective risk assessment program.
  • Create an effective risk assessment process that is increasingly important to the success of your organization. 
  • Form the foundation of an effective enterprise risk management program.
  • Understand how to integrate risk assessment into the business process in a way that provides timely and relevant risk information to management.
  • Understand the necessity in identifying necessary people and assets that provide the enterprise tangible and intangible value.
  • Learn about risk criteria when evaluating the significance of risk.

Newcastle Consulting, LLC is an Enterprise Security Risk and Information Management Consultancy that provides proactive, predictive, and responsive advice and access to information critical in building a companies' resilience to operational risk. We constantly aim to achieve excellence by exceeding expectations through careful analysis in new approaches to risk management, security design and resiliency.