June 15, 2015 - San Antonio, TX  - J. Kelly Stewart, Managing Director and CEO of Newcastle Consulting, LLC had the honor of instructing approximately 65 security practitioners at an intensive, three-day program that detailed a systematic and professional approach to the design of a fully integrated physical security program. Stewart joined three other Security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Mark Schreiber of Safeguards Consulting, LLC; Rick LaValle of Creador Architecture, LLC; and Rene Rieder of Arup.  The unique blend of expertise provided solid recommendations, best practices and a cost-effective, fully functional facility security system design foundation for improving protection against terrorism, workplace violence, street crime, and other threats. 

Instructors focused on demonstrating how integrating multiple security systems in a layered effect would contribute to the protection of assets as well as the control and reduction of loss. Those integrated systems may include CPTED and architectural security, critical infrastructure protection, building designs, interior/exterior layout, intrusion detection systems, structural barriers, access controls, communications, and CCTV assessment. Stewart focused on his core expertise of a Comprehensive Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment.  

An All-Hazard or Comprehensive Security Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment offers an organized and systematic approach to assessing risks of the organization providing an informed decision-making baseline to determine a particular course of action.  Risk assessments provide the analytical framework for risk management of the organization as well as the basis for establishing a good security design.  Stewart guided students through a detailed step-by-step approach for an effective risk assessment.  Once completed Stewart was assisted by the other SMEs in conducting a practical, in-classroom exercise to reinforce what was taught.  

"Kelly, Mark, Rene and Rick facilitated fantastic training this week! Their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience is inspiring, as is their passion in instructing others. I’m proud to be a part of a great organization like ASIS International and affiliated with professionals such as these gentlemen!"


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